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Food Trends: The Reality of Carb Cravings

I have a lot of clients who come to my office with “a fear of carbs.”They are either avoiding carbs or craving carbs.Each visit is independent of each other, however the guilt, stress, and confusion is usually similar.As I silently and calmly thank the media for yet again mass misinformation we soldier on and figure out the best plan to move forward.

My theory has always been that the more you restrict your calories, a.k.a the fuel your body needs to get things done, the more your body is going to crave its simplest form of energy.That unfortunately is carbs and if you aren’t eating enough of these the cravings are going to be constant and strong.

You can imagine how excited I was when I read Cornell’s latest study that explored the relationship between hunger and food choices and consumption. The study reviewed 128 students and split them into two groups.One group fasted for 18 hours starting at 6 pm and the other (the control group) did not fast.Twelve weekday lunches were reviewed du…

Spotlight: Ask Amy name Top 40 Nutrition Blog by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

I am very excited to announce that Ask Amy  was recently named as one of the Top 40 Nutrition Blogs by the The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  Take some time to check them out and stay tuned for my next blog.  In the meantime if you have a nutrition question or concept that you'd like more information on comment below.