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Sensible Sports Nutrition: Running and enjoying the journey

As some of you know, I trained for and completed my first Half Marathon Saturday October 15, 2011.In my younger years (high school) I ran sprints and hurdles in track along with all year round soccer.I continued soccer through my college years and in my twenties through club and co-ed teams and also ran, mostly for exercise, right up until I had children.I would say I’ve always been an athletic person by nature but running anything more than 200 yards really wasn’t my cup of tea. As years passed on, I started my family and was very lucky to have two beautiful children seventeen months apart.Boy did that put some stress on my body!After three years of being pregnant and breast feeding you can imagine how off my game I was with the whole physical activity aspect of life. For a dietitian, who has always been active, you can imagine how lost I felt as I continued to put myself at the bottom of the priority list.So, last October I went out and bought a treadmill.My youngest was 20 months old…

Guest Post: Recovery and Strength - a guest blog by Sarah

Read below as  Sarah writes about recovery and strength.  Sarah is hopeful and determined and making strides each and every day.  Let's cheer her on as she continues to gain strength through her recovery process.

In the past several weeks, I have been on the threshold of recovery's door demonstrating a balancing act most trapeze artists would be in awe of. Each time I have found myself faced with which direction to step, each time, I somehow found the strength to step towards change and recovery.
In my opinion recovery is different for every one. So I had to stand back and ask myself “What is recovery to me?” Is recovery the switch that has gone off in my head which says, “Fight harder! You are not going to let this control you anymore!”? Is it the ghost of a friend saying, “What are you doing?! I had no choice in my death, you do! Wake up!”? Is recovery the hope and dream to one day wake up and never have to think about food? Is it the chance to finally be comfortable with m…

Family Nutrition: Parents- Powerful or Powerless When it comes to Food Choices by Toddlers

I see clients of all ages, from infancy to geriatrics.The common theme of all of my clients is at one time or another they were toddlers.Sometimes I see older clients who describe early patterns that I suspect are partly responsible for the way a current client eats or “diets.”At other times, I see toddlers who “rule their roost” and need a little nudge from their parents for a stricter regimen. I’ve written a lot about toddlers.Mostly because I think this is a very specific time to start introducing good nutrition habits, but also because I am in the toddler zone with a four and almost three year old.This is a time when textures, smells, and taste can be very scary.If you mix that in with a child who is developing their independence, this can be one challenging time. I have many parents ask me what the right thing to do is for their toddler and I’ve addressed this in some of my other articles (check them out by searching toddler in the blog search).Here are a couple of things I will al…