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Body Image

Becca and I recently started a BRAVE  Ed Group for our Eating Disorder Patients. The goal is to provide education about the Eating Disorder recovery process in a group format to decrease feelings of isolation and offer an opportunity for all to share positive affirmations, approaches etc.

Last week we talked about Body Image. We completed an activity in The Body Image Workbook for Teens by Julia V Taylor PhD which was very insightful. In this activity all the different body parts were labelled and you were supposed to jot down your first thought. Once completed you then determined if the initial thought was a judgement or truth statement. This sounds a lot easier than it really is.

In the last week I've really been thinking about this.  Negative body image is often the first symptom that precipitates the action to make a change to your body. If the action, reducing calories or over exercising for example, becomes compulsive and irrational this exacerbates the negative body image …
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New Year New You Challenge Results

I am so proud of the results of our challenge at Odin Crossfit. We had twenty nine people finish this challenge who lost 200 pounds and 51 inches. We also had people in this challenge who wanted to gain muscle mass as well so although they didn't contribute to the weight loss, they met their goal.

This group was unbelievable. They were highly motivated and extremely compliant and it's all because they had clear REALISTIC goals.

After receiving individual calorie and macronutrient goals by yours truly, (based off of Bodystat 1500 results) myself and Allison Jachowski, owner of Odin Crossfit and Personal Trainer, discussed meal planning, diary tracking, SMART goals, and recipe modification. We provided resources backed by science, held everybody to different forms of accountability, and best of all we celebrated success!

Initial recommendations were somewhat shocking and difficult for some but after they got the hang of it most realized they needed to change their macronutrient…

Need some #snack ideas? We've got some great ones!

Need some #snack ideas? We've got some great ones!

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Planning and visualization helps with food choices.

Planning and visualization helps with food choices.

I am very transparent in my distaste for the WRONG people telling people what to eat

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