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As it gets colder I crave soup more and more

Check out our #Pinterest page. We have loads of soup recipes among others!

This rings true to all my clients

My last one showed me quite the results today. Since May body fat has gone down and just today Resting Metabolic Rate went Up 220 calories. She does all this while owning a business, being a great mom, and dealing with all the day to day life that happens. So proud! If you are reading this. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! You just need to put the work in and most importantly show up when it's hard. That's what we're here for!

A client of ours shared this awesome resource for #glutenfree breads

They ship out weekly & their sounds amazing.

#CyberMonday We are joining forces with @OdinCrossfit for an 8 week nutrition challenge.

Have you always been interested in Crossfit? Now's the time to make your move! You can sign up for Roots and make it a package! Sign up now! Spots are limited.

#smallsaturday #smallbusinesssaturday $20.00 for Kindred Water Bottle, Meal Prep Packaging, Food Journal ($10.00 off)

Email to purchase TODAY. Supplies are limited!

#smallsaturday #smallbusinesssaturday Buy an initial get your 30 min

follow up 1/2 off. $225 vs. $275.00. Email TODAY to purchase this one.

#smallsaturday #smallbusinesssaturday Body Fat & RMR for $90.00

BOOK TODAY and I'll adjust the price.

#smallsaturday #smallbusinesssaturday > 25% RMR $50.00 for Current Kindred Client, $70.00 for non Kindred Client

Book TODAY and I'll adjust prices.

#smallsaturday #smallbusinesssaturday First Special: $50.00 off Pinnertest

Schedule below TODAY and I will adjust price from $490 to $450. Visit includes test & 30 min visit w/ RD.

#BlackFriday special for #NewYearNewYou w/ us & @OdinCrossfit

More specials posted tomorrow for #smallsaturday

Happy #Thanksgiving from my family to yours

We will be closed through the remainder of the weekend to be with our #family .

That's a wrap

We are CLOSED from now until Monday11/28/2016 @ 2 PM. Make sure you tune into our social media sites to get the #BlackFriday , #SmallBizSat . specials! Twitter: Kindrednutritio, Facebook: Kindred Nutrition, Instagram: KindredNutrition_reel.

Eating through the Holidays, as published on my Word 2 the Wise blog I co-author


It doesn't happen overnight but we can get you started.

It doesn't happen overnight but we can get you started.

Calling all #interns .Kindred Nutrition is currently interviewing for 2 more interns

Please email to set up an interview. This position is perfect for someone in highschool determining if they want to go into the nutrition field, or someone currently in college or a college graduate looking for experience. Of course, we also work with the #RD2be population.

More #research that shows YoYo ing even 10# is hard on the body

Stop the madness, restrictive cycles, & "restarts."

Starting 12/5 Amy will be adding Monday a.m

hours from 8:30A-11:30A in addition to evening hours 3:30-7P. Please note, Dawn will be starting @ 8A on Tue, Thu, and Fri with Wed evening hours. Lisa has Monday evening hours and Friday mornings. All is updated on our scheduler.

#fiber It does a body good & here's some research

Schedule w/ Dawn today!

What would I do without my #commandcenter ?Calendar updated and meal plan set! Cooking tomorrow a.m

before #swimmeet . #itsabeautifullife

#Odincrossfit you rock! On Tuesday our #sportsnutrition & performance group will retest #helen

#Prefuel & #hydrate This was an awesome class. Don't miss the next challenge, hint hint.

We LOVE helping you reach your goals and we believe we are the best practice to get you there

Today Amy hired a specialty company to manage #insurance contracting so that she can focus all her time on clients and collaboration . For now we are in network with the Aetna umbrella, Medicare, & Medicaid. At the beginning of next year we hope to be in network with most major insurances. Stay tuned and put us on your New Year Calendar if we don't take your insurance now!

I saw this on the internet and it spoke to me

Get out of your comfort zones and try something new. Look at what we have to offer!

Join us for 6 weeks

$250 gets you a Resting Metabolic Rate test, calorie/macro goals, & weekly #dietitian feedback.

#Thanksgiving week schedule will be as follows: Mon 11/21 (normal hours), Tue 11/22 (normal hours), Wed 11/23 9A-3P (Amy)

We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving & Black Friday to be with our family.

We've got some great ideas for #Thanksgiving on our #pinterest page

Check it out and add it to your meal plan!

Halt.... it's the Holidays!

The Holidays are coming. First I had to endure Halloween with all the candy and now I have to get organized for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas. What about New Year's? Oh great that's another day where I'll be surrounded by food and drink. I just can't win! Every year I work so hard to take this weight off only to fail. I don't even know why I try.

Sound familiar? Yes I'm in your head. It's that time of year again when I start to see a significant lack of motivation, frustration, and cancellations. It's just as frustrating for Dawn, Lisa, and I as it is for you because unlike your negative chatter, we see all the hard work and positive momentum you've put into your health only for it to come to a screaming HALT.

The holidays are rough for all of us. Demanding parties, travel to be with family, and the extra money spent to have the perfect Hanukkah or Christmas is stressful and honestly we get why your self care goes to the bottom of the barrel.


Yes a #dietitian can help your #pickyeater .Click to learn about our EAT program

Call 301-580-0008 to schedule.

#science A good read on a Saturday! The possible reason why high protein diets initially work


#Orthorexia is on the rise

Amy, Eating Disorder Specialist can get you the help you deserve. #eatingdisorder #ed

A great article on #pickyeating now ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)

Our EAT program can help you!

Do not underestimate the power of #guthealth #probiotics #microbiome Check out our pinterest page for ideas!

Do not underestimate the power of #guthealth #probiotics #microbiome Check out our pinterest page for ideas!

Did you sign up for our Grocery Tour yet? 11/14, 6P-7P, $25, Dairy & Meat

Click and sign up!

#TransformationTuesday Are you familiar with our FUEL program? You should be

#foodisfuel #nutrition #health

#MeatlessMonday Enjoy these recipes from our Pinterest Page! #kindrednutrition

#MeatlessMonday Enjoy these recipes from our Pinterest Page! #kindrednutrition

Do you have #Diabetes or know someone who does? We now have a specialist

Call 301-580-0008 to schedule!

Check our new instagram out! Follow us @kindrednutrition_reel.

Check our new instagram out! Follow us @kindrednutrition_reel.