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Halt.... it's the Holidays!

Let the wrapping begin....
The Holidays are coming. First I had to endure Halloween with all the candy and now I have to get organized for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas. What about New Year's? Oh great that's another day where I'll be surrounded by food and drink. I just can't win! Every year I work so hard to take this weight off only to fail. I don't even know why I try.

Sound familiar? Yes I'm in your head. It's that time of year again when I start to see a significant lack of motivation, frustration, and cancellations. It's just as frustrating for Dawn, Lisa, and I as it is for you because unlike your negative chatter, we see all the hard work and positive momentum you've put into your health only for it to come to a screaming HALT.

The holidays are rough for all of us. Demanding parties, travel to be with family, and the extra money spent to have the perfect Hanukkah or Christmas is stressful and honestly we get why your self care goes to the bottom of the barrel.

At Kindred Nutrition, however, we want to stop this. We want to help you feel positive and succeed over the holidays. If you start to think negatively like you just can't win then read this over and over. It's bound to make you get through the holidays safe and sound.

1) Talk to your provider about a way to stick with your treatment without burdening your finances. If you expect to spend more money during the holidays there is nothing wrong with talking to any of us at Kindred Nutrition about extending visits, decreasing visit lengths, or even converting to flexible spending as the end of year approaches. Compliance is very important. If finances are the issue, let us work with you on how to align your treatment with your holiday budget.

2) Realign your goals. It is very common for our clients to change goals during the holiday season. It may go from losing 1-2# a week to maintaining weight while focusing on meal planning and preparation, recipe modification, or increasing physical activity. Don't sabotage yourself.

3) If finances aren't an issue for you think of alternating your self care priorities. Does your stress level skyrocket during the holidays? Determine a reward system that celebrates your success and have your provider hold you accountable to use the reward system.  Plan massages or join a gym now prior to January, those endorphins are worth it. Enjoy a new book on your kindle or download some music. Simply put, reward yourself for all you are able to sustain during a stressful time.

4) Keep your appointments. The absolute best time for you to see your provider is when you are frustrated or unmotivated. This is the time for your provider to help you align new goals and help you move forward out of your funk. Often times negative chatter over rides any ability to see the success you've achieved. Negative chatter can turn into shame. We are proud of each and every one of our clients just for showing up. We truly believe that is the hardest step.  Don't run away. Hold yourself accountable.

Kindred Nutrition is a community that aims to SUPPORT our people, hold them ACCOUNTABLE when they can't do it themselves, and CELEBRATE success. We need you present and motivated though. Do you trust us?




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