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Miraculous Misconceptions: Raspberry Ketones

The interwebs are abuzz about the supposedly “miraculous” Raspberry Ketone supplements.

Raspberry Ketone popularity started with Dr. Oz's show in February 2012, when he nicknamed it a “miracle weight loss drug.” Some even credit Raspberry Ketones with stimulating hair growth, but for our purposes here, let’s talk about weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones are derived from red raspberries. Proponents claim that the supplement will stimulate your metabolism causing weight loss. However, there are no reliable studies to prove this.  Specifically there is no scientific evidence to show how it alters metabolism to promote weight loss. There is also no scientific evidence to determine a proper dosage. If you find a study that claims otherwise, check the funding source. Most likely, that study was funded by a company who produces or funds raspberry ketone products.

As far as I know, no major pharmaceutical companies are investing in Raspberry Ketone research. And it is my opinion that they would be ALL OVER any miraculous weight loss supplements.   Developing and refining them into prescription strength drugs could make billions.

The Takeaway

·         Will Raspberry Ketones help you lose weight? It is very, very unlikely. (I won’t say NO only because the research is so sparse, it is inappropriate to speak in absolutes.)However, I can say that I would be absolutely shocked if you did lose weight without also making positive changes to your diet and exercise regimen. The good news is that if you can make those positive changes, you don’t need to waste your money on unproven supplements!

·         Are Raspberry Ketones a danger to your health? Possibly. They have not been studied enough to be certain. Potential side effects include an increase in blood pressure and heart palpitations. These side effects are a red flag for many people, especially those with cardiovascular concerns.  Definitely talk to your doctor before taking Raspberry Ketones, and make sure to tell him or her of any other supplements and medications you are taking.  

·         But Dr. Oz says X, Y, and Z… Dr. Oz is a medical doctor, so I’m sure he is knowledgeable in many areas.  Always keep in mind that the primary purpose of television is to entertain. Dr. Oz is a television host. In this role he is more of an entertainer and I’m sure that even he would agree with this view. After all, the bottom of every page of his website states: “THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT.”

·         Raspberry Ketones are guaranteed to do one thing. Make your wallet lighter.


Unfortunately, Raspberry Ketones look like another weight-loss short-cut fad, bound to disappoint anyone looking for a magic bullet. But don’t be too disappointed. You can lose weight. It will take more time and effort than taking your daily Raspberry Ketone pill, but you can still do it!


A dietitian is a great resource when you are trying to eat for optimal nutrition, weight loss or gain, or peak athletic performance and endurance. Call Kindred Nutrition today. We are happy to help you create an eating plan that uses research-based diets and strategies to obtain great results.




Phil Hudson said…
So I realize there are a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to anything weightloss related, but I am glad to see this post was mostly informational and not necessarily attacking or promoting the product. My question, however, is if I wanted to try it, are there better versions than others? For example I found as a recommended brand. Has anyone had any experience with it?
Matthew Green said…
@Phil: I don't think there is any difference between products. They are the same substance.
raphking5 said…
Thats a great article on rasperry ketones that i didnt know about. More on the paleo side of life like:
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing! I have so many hopeful (but mislead) patients looking for a "miracle cure." There is no miracle cure besides eating well and moving well.
rajesh kumar said…
Thanks for the post..........
sinuse jill said…
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vabna islam said…
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