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A Note to Self before "Bathing Suit Season"

We are coming up on Memorial Day Weekend. The pools will open, beach season begins, and everyone is scurrying around to buy new bathing suits or cover ups. Although I LOVE summer there's an aspect of this time of year that I very much dislike.  I absolutely cannot stand the insecurity bathing suits bring to the mind. How many of your friends' Facebook and Instagram posts read "Gotta get bikini ready" or "I'm not ready for bathing suit season?" It's on everyone's minds and we have much better things to worry about people.

The fact of the matter is that MOST people feel vulnerable in a bathing suit. Think about it you are practically naked and I'm pretty sure the woman whose body modeled your final product may have had longer legs or is 15 years old.

Is it really worth allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and insecure over something that realistically isn't even created to showcase your body's strengths?  What in the world does how your body looks in a bathing suit tell anyone about you?

I'm 41 years old. My body has been through a LOT. Instead of focusing on how I look in a bathing suit and hiding my strengths I will continue to focus on what my body does for me this year.  Here's some examples:

My eyes: My eyes have seen great happiness, strength, and sorrow. They also are developing crows feet. Years of squinting while playing soccer, swimming, and running track without sunglasses has caught up to me but the experiences I've gained getting  here has developed strength, an ability to work with people, flexibility, mobility, and more.

My smile:  For those of you who really know me, my smile is my trademark. I love to laugh and when I'm doing something I love I ALWAYS have a smile on my face. Recently my 9 year old son told me that I looked just like a teenager but with wrinkles around my mouth.  My response was these wrinkles around my mouth are proof that I'm happy.

My shoulders: My shoulders are round and strong. They are proof that I can lift most on my own including my 85 pound 9 year old, bags of mulch, furniture and more.

My chest: My chest is small and deflated. It is proof that I grew and fed two beautiful humans. I am proud to keep Miracle Bras in business.

My stomach: My stomach was once my favorite part of my body, flat and tight. As I age it's living proof that I had two kids back to back. I grew amazing children in my womb and realize how lucky I am to have experienced that. I know many women who would trade their flat stomach to bear children any day.  Although my stomach continues to lose it's elasticity the core strength underneath allows me to swim, run, do pull ups, lift a hell of a lot weights and more. I refuse to not wear a bikini anymore... the stretch marks and loose skin is my trophy for kicking a** as a woman, a mom, and a business owner.

My legs: A couple years ago at the pool someone called me stocky. Yup... I guess that's a way to describe me. My legs are muscular and I have cellulite. In fact, I've had cellulite my ENTIRE life. My strong legs allow me to run and swim fast as hell, even when I'm untrained. They hold my body up and my head high and if you're kid is drowning in the pool I'll get to them the fastest and save them.

My feet: My feet are large. They are a size 8.5 and I'm 5 foot 2. My doctor said I'd grow into my feet in 3rd grade. He was wrong but they are strong and support my ankles and calves so I can be quick, agile, and active.

How many of you really appreciate your body for what it is? You can't change it over night but you can certainly miss out on many fun experiences this summer if you are always worried about hiding it. So I'm challenging you to SHOW UP to the pool or beach this summer celebrating your actual strengths because at the end of the day how you look in a bathing suit doesn't mean anything. I'll be the one with the push up top, laughing as my kids dive off the diving board.. See you then!

Be confident & Be you,



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