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Miraculous Misconceptions: In it to Win it?

Lately, I've been reflecting a lot on success. Particularly on how to measure it, how to predict it, and how to promote it.  I've realized I often assess this at the very first visit with my clients and sometimes redefine it throughout the weight loss, management, performance journey.  As I've worked with thousands of clients I  can usually predict success within the first 10 minutes of meeting a new client, individual, or friend who speaks to me about their nutrition and fitness goals.  Today, I'd like to share my opinion on what promotes success in my arena and potentially in life.

1) Breed Acceptance
A lot of people come to me when they are at their wits end.  They've tried everything their friends, Dr. Oz, and the woman at the grocery store told them to try and they can't lose the weight, or increase their performance, or promote muscle definition.  They are frustrated and they just know something is wrong.  Once we assess the situation, we talk about the current state of affairs and changes that need to be made to obtain the goals that are stated.  Here's the thing.  It is impossible to change every single thing in your life to get to one goal.  You have to accept your life the way it is and work with what you've got.  If you can't move past accepting the current situation it is impossible to move forward.  Acceptance of the current situation is the first step to success.

2) Squash Insecurity
I have a friend who did the HCG diet, or one who does weight watchers, or one who does Paleo.  She looks and feels great. I just can't get it together.  Sound familiar?  It is great that your friends or acquaintances are doing great but the minute you compare your success to someone else you subconsciously label your situation as a failure.  How can you promote success if you are constantly thinking everyone else is doing it better?  Don't compare yourself to others.  It bleeds insecurity which will always hinder success.

3) Allow for Flexibility
I am a professional.  I have worked with thousands of clients and every single client has an individuality to their case.  I provide specific nutrition and fitness recommendations but I always teach the importance of flexibility and modification.  The fact of the matter is you are going to have things that come up that prevent you from getting everything perfect.  Accept it, own it, and move on.  The black and white approach or the all or nothing attitude does not allow you to measure any success big or small.  The minute you learn to be flexible and allow yourself to modify plans the more apt you are to promote success.

4) Promote Accountability
The most successful clients I see keep their appointments up with me even when they feel they have their nutrition and fitness plan right where it needs to be.  The reason you ask?  They know they need help to stay accountable.  There's nothing wrong with admitting you need someone objective to help you with accountability.  We don't feel weak or negative about writing appointments down in our planner or having the doctor's office call us for an appointment reminder.  Why should we feel weak or negative if we allow for someone to hold us accountable for our nutrition/fitness goals?

5) Celebrate Every Win
When a client comes to see me for the first time they tell me what their end goal is: lose 25 pounds, compete in a race, increase energy etc.  These are all great end goals but there are many steps that need to be consistently initiated and followed to get to the end goal.  This is why you should celebrate every successful step towards your end goal  Perhaps you celebrate planning your meals all week, or getting to your fruit and veggie goal. No celebration is better than the other.  Accept it, own it, and celebrate it.  This will keep you going.

There is no miracle here folks.  To win the game you've got to have a solid foundation. Focus on the five tips above and you'll get to your goal.  I know you can do it.  Good luck!


Matthew Green said…
Many thanks! This post seems to have done the trick!

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