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Spotlight: The Portion Plate - a Product Worth Owning

I first heard about the Portion Plate two weeks ago when it was displayed in a catalog I purchase a lot of my health education products from.  I was drawn to the product right away as I am a visual person.  I emailed the company and was very excited when I received samples of the products in the mail just yesterday.  I see many clients and I think the most difficult lifestyle change for a lot of people is controlling portion size.  Not only does the portion plate show you approximately how many fruits, veggies, starch, and protein is recommended on each plate, but it also shows examples of true serving sizes, a big misunderstanding in the United States.  Choose from the adult, child, or diabetic plate and each give you an approximated amount of calories a plate would contain.  In addition to plates, there are also place mats. I will be recommending this product to my clients. There isn't an easier way to visualize a meal than to plop it on your plate and at the reasonable price of $11.95, you can't lose.


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Interesting read about OCD & #EatingDisorders

Interesting read about OCD & #EatingDisorders

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