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Spotlight: Around the Plate Award- Nutrition Expert of the Year AND Blog of the year goes to....

I hope you all had a great labor day.  I had a wonderful one filled with friends and family.  I was especially excited when I was notified at the end of the weekend that my Ask Amy's blog was awarded Nutrition Expert of the Year AND Blog of the year through Around the Plate. 
Have you checked out Around the Plate?  It's a great blog that consists of many Nutrition Experts, Healthy Eating Champions, and Recipe Guru's.

Check out the other winners in each category here.

As always thanks to all of my fans who follow Kindred Nutrition's Ask Amy blog.  It's a passion of  mine and I especially love to compile blogs based off of your suggestions.  Have any nutrition questions that have been on your mind?  Email me at  and I'll get you the answers.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Congrats on winning Nutrition Expert! I love the plate community, keep up the great work!

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