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Food Trends: EGGnificant!

This weekend I was so excited to get some farm fresh eggs.  I always mean to purchase them at the farmer’s market but they are always sold out before I get there.  I was lucky enough to receive eggs from both my cousin who has chickens in New York and my neighbor who’s mom has chickens right here in Maryland.  I received both brown and white and let me tell you I could definitely tell the difference between fresh and commercial.  The yolks were bright yellow, almost a deep orange, and the consistency of the egg was much fluffier as compared to the commercial eggs I usually get from my grocery store. 

Eggs have gotten a bad rap in the past but I have to tell you I am a big fan of them.  An egg is about 70-80 calories a pop and about one half to one third of a protein serving.  Speaking of protein, egg is one of the highest biological available proteins out there, meaning it is hard to find another source, besides milk, that your body will absorb and utilize the most efficiently. 

When I did some further research I was shocked to find that farm fresh eggs as opposed to supermarket eggs have one third less total cholesterol, one fourth less saturated fat, twice the omega 3’s, three times the vitamin E, and seven times the beta carotene and Vitamin D.  This is because chickens on farms are allowed to roam outside and eat grass in addition to other food supplementation. 

I have to say, I am all in when it comes to farm fresh eggs and I will definitely be going this route from now on.  Try them out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.  Good luck and be well.


Polly Kramarsic said…
I love this blog!! I am adding your blog to my favorites on my blog- right now!!
Kathryn said…
We get fresh eggs from a friend every week and I agree, they are really different from store eggs. I knew they tasted better but I had no idea they were nutritionally better too. What a great bonus!
Ask Amy said…
@ Kathryn. I am with you. What a bonus!

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